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Christian hospitality is a beautiful way that God builds up His church today and throughout history. It is also a great tool for evangelism.

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Christian Hospitality for the Glory of God

There is a long history of Christian hospitality for the glory of God. 

It is filled with men, women, and children who have opened their hearts and homes to love those God brought their way. 

In our modern day, it is easy to get caught up in online interaction and view our lives as too busy for in-person relationships. But these real relationships, as commanded by God, give evidence of our faith. 

Living out lives of Christian hospitality aid us in building strong community and in evangelism. 

The day to day work of cooking and cleaning can begin to feel mundane and unimportant but, when given completely to God’s glory, those seemingly simple things are transformed into beautiful means of grace. 

God works in our mundane moments and He has been doing this for all of human history. 

Today, I’m over on Well-Watered Women talking about Anna Bullinger (a little known woman whose husband worked as a reformer) and her incredible life of service to Christ and His people through her home in the work of Christian hospitality. As well as what that looks like for you and me. 

Check it out here… 


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