plant with text overlay homemaking

I did a quick search on Pinterest for “homemaking” and what I came up with was a great list of tools and hacks and even what clothes I should be wearing. 

I love a good practical suggestion but let’s be real, homemaking is a lot more than that! 

Creating a home is about the homemaker as much as it about anything else. 

If we want homes that run well and are useful places that offer rest to the weary, motivation to the lazy, encouragement to the downtrodden, and love to the broken, it all starts with the people who make that our houses into homes (that’s us!). 

We need to pursue Christ with everything we have and offer Him our imperfect selves.

Homemaking isn’t only a woman’s calling. Homemaking isn’t only necessary when you are married or have children. 

A homemaker is the person who puts the random pieces of family life together so that those within her walls know they are cherished, cared for, provided for, and loved whether they stay for 10 minutes or for 20 years.

And that is a calling for all of us. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and lets talk about all the things because this high and holy calling is a pretty big deal! 

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