Creating Home

hand holding flower with text overlay creating home

Home is the tangible location that represents a myriad of intangible truths. Home is the physical structure that pulls together the people who belong in it.

A home is a place of refuge, first for the souls that reside there and then for those who grace the threshold. It is not a place to get away from others or a place to cower in the shadows, hoping no one expects anything of us. It is a place for us to run for refreshment while we grab other battle weary comrades and pull them through the door.

A home is a place of rest. Home is where we go when everything is crazy. When busyness and attack come knock at our door, home is where we know we can rest.

Home is a place of strategy. Home is where we plan out how we can bless others. Home is where our feet are firmly planted so we can reach out with intention.

Home is a place of belonging. Home is where we have a role. We know we are a part of life there and that it wouldn’t be the same without us.

Home is where we welcome others. It is a hub for souls longing for belonging and it always has room for one more.

Home is a place of healing. We get wounded regularly in our pursuits with the world. Home is a place we come to receive the healing balm of Scripture, fellowship, friendship, and deep comradery.

Home is a place to rest and a place to plan. Home is for our families and for our communities.

Home is a place filled with laughter and joy whenever possible.

Home is a place of learning. It is filled with opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

Home is the place we work through deep questions about faith and life.

Home is a solid place to land when we fall on our faces.

Home is arms to hold us together when we feel like we are falling apart.

At least these are the things that home should be.

And prayerfully seeking to build this home is the job of the homemaker and it is the beauty in creating home. 

Let’s get started… 

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