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One very simple way to boost welcome in your home is to put up a personalized welcome sign. Our printable and brief tutorial will do that for you.

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Why This Simple Welcome Sign Makes a Difference

When I was a little girl, we visited my grandparents as often as we could. It wasn’t a regular thing because we lived about 4000 miles away from them but we made the trip several times and each time we stayed in my grandparents basement. 

It was one large, open room with a king size bed for my parents and two twin beds for my brother and I. 

I still remember the feeling I had when I walked in for the first time (I was about 6) and hanging above one of the twin beds was a small frame with my name on it. 

I came to understand years later that my grandparents changed this out for every grandchild that came to stay but, as a 6 year old girl, I remember thinking it was so neat that they were waiting for me. Even though I very rarely got to come to their house, they had a place reserved for me. 

Because we always lived at a distance, the number of memories I have of their house isn’t huge but this one always stands at the forefront of my mind. 

So, I decided that maybe, in some small way, I could recreate this feeling for the guests who enter my home and I set out to do it. 

There are two ways to do this: 

  • You can print a new one each time a guest comes and place it somewhere visible – maybe on the side table in a guest room, in an entryway, or on your coffee cart. The options are endless. 
  • You can follow this CRAZY easy process and put one in a picture frame that you can use a dry erase marker for. Let me show you how… 

This printable is available for you as a free PDF download as well so you can use this in your own home as you boost welcome for your guests. 

The process is insanely simple.

Step 1: Pick out your frame

You can use any 8X10 picture frame you have around the house or pick up one like this from Amazon:


Step 2: Print Your Copy of the Welcome Sign

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welcome sign with wood background and plants



Step 3: Cut the Welcome Sign and Frame

If you plan to frame your welcome sign, you will need to cut off the edges because normal printing paper prints at 8.5X11 and your frame will be 8X10. That is why I made one option available to you with a line you can cut.

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Just cut along the inside edge of the blue line and place in your frame.

welcome sign with scissors

You’re Done!

It is seriously that easy! And here is the finished product.

welcome sign with writing

welcome sign on shelf


welcome sign being wiped off

There you have it! This is such a simple way to boost welcome in your home. I love it in my home because I have the chance to welcome guests in a unique way that I remember so well from my own childhood.

If you are looking for a TON more ideas about how to welcome and make your home more inviting to friends and guests, check out this post which is a VERY thorough guide to help you along the journey!