Coronavirus Encouragement for Cultivating Community and Christian Living

Cultivating community has become a completely different issue in the face of a pandemic. 

When all this started, we had no idea what we were facing or how long it would go on. We still don’t know. 

There are rumors that just after things open up again, we will face another wave. It’s exhausting and anxiety-ridden but it’s not outside God’s control and it will be used for the good of believers – because he has promised it to be so!

So, how do we think about cultivating community, building and maintaining relationships, and moving forward with the gospel in this age of social distancing and fear? 

We know that hospitality matters but we aren’t to practice it very much. We know that God cares about relationships but it’s hard to build them when we can’t even see each other.

There have been some truly beautiful things written about how to walk through Coronavirus as a believer and some amazingly creative ideas about how to reach out and love others well so my desire with this page is to compile the best of the resources for you from Hospitable Homemaker and all over the internet. 

We don’t know how long this will last or what the world will look like when it’s over. We do know that we’re called to honor God and love people through the entire process. 

As I write or come across helpful pieces about Christian hope and cultivating community in the face of Coronavirus, I will update this page.

If you think there is a resource I should consider adding, please feel free to contact me at 


Christian Encouragement

1. Leverage Your Loneliness – The Gospel Coalition discusses bringing your loneliness to Jesus and how he draws near in challenging times.

2. Christianity has the Resources for Grittiness Amid Pandemic – The Gospel Coalition discusses Christianity’s tools for dealing with crisis. 

3. Coronavirus Cannot Prevail Against Her – Desiring God reminds us that nothing can prevail against the church, including pandemic.

4. 7 Things Coronavirus hasn’t Changed – Sometimes it feels like everything has suddenly changed, that’s why this discussion from the Gospel Coalition is so helpful.

5. The Only Perfectly Safe Place to Be – Clarissa Moll shares encouragement that ultimately it isn’t our vigilance that keeps us safe but Jesus! 

Loving Others and Cultivating Community 

1. Cultivating Community During Coronavirus – Cultivating community during Coronavirus can be very successful if you choose a different perspective. Pandemic community will look different but it can still be vibrant!

2. How to Throw an End of Social Distancing Party – Everything you need to know to put together a gathering for friends and neighbors to celebrate togetherness and cultivate community. 

3. Loving Neighbors at a Distance – Loving your neighbors at a distance can be hard but cultivating community is still so important! Let your community know they are not forgotten even during social distancing with these simple ideas – including many directly from readers!

4. Practicing Hospitality in a Pandemic – Rosaria Butterfield talks about what hospitality looks like in these challenging times.

5. Helping the Homeless During a Pandemic – The Gospel Coalition offers specific advice on how to help the homeless in your community when everyone is supposed to shelter at home.

6. Making the Most of Being at Home – Angela from Everyday Welcome offers encouragement and help for making the most of this quarantine time.

7. Don’t Waste Your Family Quarantine – Courtney Reissig explains how we can use this time for the spiritual good of our families.

8. Sheltering in Place when Home isn’t a Safe Place to Be – CCEF discusses the reality of domestic violence and offers helpful ways we can come alongside others in this difficult time.

9. Virtual Games You can Play in Quarantine – What You Make It Blog offers a helpful list of game options for virtual game nights.

Encouraging Music During a Pandemic

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash