Understanding Biblical Hospitality

Understanding Biblical Hospitality

Understanding Biblical hospitality is not necessarily easy to do. 

We read in several places that God’s people are to “offer hospitality to one another” (1 Peter 4:9) or that we cannot “neglect to show hospitality” (Hebrews 13:1-2). 

But we don’t necessarily understand what Biblical hospitality is or why it matters. 

When we think of hospitality as only Pinterest worthy entertaining of guests occasionally, we can start to wonder why God bothered to put that in His Word. 

But, it is critical for the good of the world and our own souls, that we get this point: 

Biblical hospitality is about the work of God in the world.

AND it matters! 

We are meant to live life in community.

But community doesn’t happen by accident.

Community is cultivated day after day in homes, at coffee shops, over service projects, in church services, and a million other places. It is something we must intentionally do. Making connections and forming community is good for our souls and it is transformative for society. 

But it is also HARD at times. People don’t connect with us the way we want. It all starts to feel a little pointless and like way too much work. 

As happens with a lot of things, the day to day nature of hospitality makes it feel insignificant. But, I assure you, it is NOT! 

God cares about hospitality and I believe that is because it reflects His character, and He designed it to be a powerful, transformative tool, that when rightly used, changes things. 

Hospitality is the chance we all have to join in God’s story of reaching people with relationship and intimacy.

Cultivating community is our chance to fulfill the “one another” commands of Scripture in real life. This is the context in which we evangelize and disciple. This is the context in which we live out our theology. 

It is powerful, it is beautiful, it is ordinary, and it is accessible TODAY. 

But it isn’t quite as simple as just opening the door. We need real advice, practical tips, and fellowship with other people who are just as passionate about this to maintain our excitement about seeing this through. 

If we really want to build sustainable lives as community cultivators, the first thing we need is real understanding of Biblical hospitality and why it matters. 

Being a community builder is more than hosting an occasional dinner party. It is an intentional decision to commit your life to God’s plan and put forth the daily effort to live life differently. 

Do you want to understand Biblical hospitality? Do you want to see why hospitality matters to God and what it can do for your life? Do you want to move forward with changing the world? 

Then come on this journey to understanding Biblical hospitality with me! Together we will explore how God designed the Christian life to look, why that matters, and how it can impact the world and our own lives for good.

I’m so glad you are here and I can’t wait to see how God uses you in a ministry of Biblical hospitality! 

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