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Grace in Imperfect Hospitality - Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling

Over the winter of 2016-2017 the Lord began a work in my heart toward hospitality (a brief synopsis of what happened exactly is described in my About Me page). I was particularly challenged as I attempted to cover up the signs of life within my home before someone came over. I had forgotten grace. I was afraid that they might see that I sometimes (or often!) lack organization, good planning, the ability to put everything in its rightful place every day (or even have a set place for everything). I went to Bible study that night & the Lord in His gentle, beautiful providence had us studying from Jen Wilken’s Bible study 1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ. I loved the entire study & learned more than I can put into words but this particular evening held something special for me.

Jen shared a piece she had written about the difference between hospitality & entertaining. I knew that for years the majority of my time spent being “hospitable” was really spent entertaining. I thought about the beautiful times when my heart shared memories with friends & family & strangers & most of them didn’t come when everything was perfect.

I knew I needed a change which is how this blog was born.

Grace to Start Showing Hospitality

However, the cry of my heart is that you would just get out & do it! Don’t wait until your house is perfect, sure… take practical steps, work to make your house less of a distraction to you when you want to have people over, but don’t wait until you have it all figured out!

Choose to look beyond the food you make, to the souls that need spiritual food & genuine friendship. Choose to look beyond your plans for perfection to the people who need your affection & love. Choose to look beyond the pile of laundry on the kitchen table waiting to be folded to the little one who just came running in with muddy shoes to introduce you to a new friend they met in the neighborhood. Choose to look beyond the sink of dishes to the friend who showed up in tears because they are suffering a loss. Choose to look beyond yourself, your feelings about you or your house or your children or your husband or your circumstances to the people who grace your doorstep & your heart.

This is so hard for me! Which is why I offer some of the more practical aspects on this blog. I desperately want you to open your home with joy – I desperately want that for myself! So I work at the nitty gritty details but all with the hope & aim that you will treasure Christ & long for His glory even in your messiness. Long that He would exalt Himself when your hair isn’t done & your floor isn’t vacuumed in an open door to a stranger who needs the genuine heartfelt love of Christ.

I truly believe that if this is our prayer, God will work out the details. He will bring people & circumstances to challenge our pride, our vanity, our own view of ourselves. Through it He will faithfully draw our hearts to treasure the Gospel, which washes our souls clean. Through it He will also bless those who peak into our reality & see a glimpse of the imperfect, grace-filled life he has given us to live.

If you would like to read Jen Wilken’s wonderful piece, check out her article on Proverbs 31… you will be glad you did!