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helping the hurting

Have you ever known someone experiencing physical, emotion, or spiritual pain? I’m quite sure we all can answer “yes!” to that question but sometimes, despite our love for the person we just don’t know how to help well & we struggle with personal battles in the midst of their suffering.

I recently finished Being There: How to Love Those Who Are Hurting by Dave Furman. It is an excellent, short book on how to properly minister to those who are suffering. Dave has struggled for years with a nerve disorder in his arms. He very personally knows the need to have help from friends & family. In this book he candidly talks about his own suffering & how God has used other believers to minister to him in the midst of it.

This book is profoundly simple, practical, and gospel centered. I highly recommend it.

As soon as I heard about the publishing of this book it was on my reading list for several reasons.

1. His Wife.
I have read 2 of Dave’s wife Gloria’s books & loved them so I was intrigued to hear from the man I had read so much about

2. Desire to care well.
As a Christian I see need around me all the time & I was anxious for a concise look at how to care for people from the perspective of someone hurting.

3. Special circumstance.
I am a pastor’s wife. In a special way, God has blessed me with the chance to hear from the hurting & I desperately want to respond in loving, Christ-like ways.

This book begins with an honest look at how the suffering of those we love directly affects us. It then pulls no punches as it discusses our need for grace & our need to meditate on & live out the gospel. My own heart is still trying to process his thoughts on the servanthood of Christ, how that affects our service, & our personal lack of desire to be treated like a servant.

This book directly addresses the heart issues that plague us & those experiencing suffering. But it doesn’t stop there. It is also intensely practical. Drawing from personal experience & Scripture, Dave weaves together the 10 commandments of caring for the suffering. This section is especially helpful as many of us genuinely care & just don’t know how to show it.

I absolutely recommend this work to you. Read it & share it with those who need encouragement in their pursuit of encouraging others.

For another look at how God used this book in my life as I was reading it check out Love for God – can people say they have more love because they were in your home?.