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An Early Morning Prayer

It was just an ordinary day, I was exhausted and attempting to feed my children breakfast before grabbing my own coffee. I sat down, mind racing with everything I needed to accomplish today, and began a quick prayer of thanksgiving before they started eating. The 4 and 2 year olds eyes staring back at me were wide open and ready for adventure, heedless of the fact that they had both been awake during the night and left me in my now usual state of sleepiness.

I closed my eyes and began to pray, almost without thinking. Toward the end I prayed 7 simple words not even completely conscious that I was doing it, “Give us the opportunity to bless someone today.”

I closed the prayer and released my children to dive into their cereal while I reached for a coffee cup. A few normal hours passed as I cleaned the house, broke up fights, changed diapers, and kissed boo-boos. Then the phone rang. Someone needed my help.

My first reaction was to try to think of all the things that I genuinely needed to do with my time. I always have a lot on my list. I am perpetually adding more than I can legitimately do and always forgetting those things when I have a down moment until the time has run out. It’s a life cycle and I’m working on it but this day was no different.

I agreed to help out and hung up the phone. I was tempted to grumble in my heart but the sweet Spirit interceded. The prayer from my rushed, caffeine free morning, filled my mind and it was as if I was being asked, “How can you be upset when the Lord answers your prayers?”

I stood in my kitchen and chuckled. “Okay, Lord, I asked for this. Help me to be a blessing.”


How the Lord has Answered that Prayer

That was a few months ago and I can honestly say that prayer has impacted my daily life in a huge way. Nearly every day over breakfast or lunch I ask the Lord to make us a blessing and He does.

Someone will call needing a ride, a meal, or a babysitter. My children will mention that they want to make something for a person at church or in our family and we find out later that person needed the encouragement. My husband will ask if we are free to have someone over for dinner. I’ll see flowers in our yard and know who we should give them to or think of someone I simply need to call.

I still plan my days way too tight. Ask anyone. I’m hopelessly busy because I always think I can do more than I can. It’s a problem. Slowly though the Lord is teaching me to be ok with inconvenience, to be open to how He wants to direct my days, to think of the people in front of me more than the to-do list on my countertop.

As God has been faithful to answer my half-hearted early morning prayer, He has been at work to change me. My home has legitimately been transforming into a launching pad for ministry, my goals for the day have legitimately been changing to who I can bless.

It has also been a tremendous gift to see how God has used this in the lives of my children. They are gaining excitement for finding ways to be a blessing to others and see how God answers our prayer. What a beautiful lesson!

God delights to answer the prayers of His people (Proverbs 15:8) – even when they are only whispered in the early morning without thinking.

How has God been answering your prayers? How do you encourage ministry from your home?

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