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secret thoughts of an unlikely convert


Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert : An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith is written by a former lesbian feminist who taught at Syracuse University. Rosaria was redeemed by God’s glorious hand using a Presbyterian church in Syracuse as they faithfully ministered to her in the church & in their homes for years. Hospitality beautifully ties her entire story together!

Beginning before her conversion, Rosaria discusses how she came to understand that the chief sin in her life was unbelief, & how the church in Syracuse faithfully ministered to her by welcoming her in, praying for her, & being patient. The pastor & his wife as well as others within the congregation welcomed her into their homes & lives to discuss & share. They were not intimidated by her because she was different from them but welcomed her as an individual, made in God’s image, able to be redeemed by His good grace.

Rosaria is now a pastor’s wife, has 4 adopted children, & fosters many others. This book is the story of her conversion & life until a few years ago. She very candidly opens up about the heart behind a lifestyle that most Christians know little of.

Hospitality on Display

Her story is particularly heartwarming to me because the ministry of hospitality played such a vital role in her conversion & life in Christ. After being welcomed into the homes of Christians she was drawn to Christ. Then after her conversion she sorted through the intricacies of the Christian life by watching others in their homes. After she married a pastor she opened her home to countless college students & helped them as they navigated life. Most recently she has opened her home to 4 adopted children, many foster children, community members, local church friends, & neighbors.

I actually didn’t know that hospitality played such a vital role in Rosaria’s conversion & Christian life until I was reading this book & I was so very blessed by what I learned. What a beautiful ministry Christ has called us to! It has such power when executed faithfully.

This book challenged my heart as I was forced to face my own false ideas about other people & the inconsistencies within myself. I thought about my own hospitality, who it is extended to, & what expectations I set before these encounters. I examined myself in light of the Scripture & the example of believers in this book & I saw so many areas where I fall short.

You would do well to read this book with an open mind & heart. The subject matter is timely & the beauty of the gospel is on display!

Have you read The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert : An English Professor’s Journey into Christian FaithOr anything else from Rosaria? Give me your impressions!


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