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Looking for practical ways you can show hospitality? Check out this list for 6 simple ideas that don’t take much time but still make a big impact!

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Practical Ways You Can Practice Hospitality

Recently I received this question: “How do you practice hospitality?” I love that question! So practical and straightforward. The answer for me changes day to day. Some days I practice hospitality by babysitting for a friend or welcoming a child from the neighborhood. Some days I open my laundry room to a college student who needs a home cooked meal, clean laundry, and the reminder that life is bigger than their classes. Most days I host guests for dinner. Sometimes I have women over for coffee, cookies, and conversations. Sometimes I study the Bible or another good book with a friend. Every day hospitality looks different in my home.

But, what if you are just getting started and you want some practical ideas you can implement this week or even TODAY? Well, this list is for you!! Here are 6 super simple, practical hospitality ideas you can implement this week! These are some of my favorites and they regularly make the list on our weekly hospitality schedule.

6 Practical Ways to be Hospitable This Week:

  1. Babysit

It doesn’t get much more simple than this one! Plus, it is SO HELPFUL! As a mom with young children, I can promise you, a trustworthy friend who is willing to babysit my children for a few hours can be a life saver! Whether it is so I can run errands, go to the doctor, have a date with my husband, or just grab a cup of coffee, the friends who offer this practical help are always a huge blessing!

Basically if you like children at all (and are a safe adult of course!), this is a great way to reach out. I love hosting other children in my home because they entertain my littles and it never feels like much more work. But this is also a perfect ministry for retired people, singles, or even couples who don’t yet have children.

It is my sincere desire that the children who spend time in my home grow up with great memories of being here and know that they are valuable, loved, and always welcome. I have a few friends who do this for my children as well and I appreciate it so much. Knowing my children have other adults in their lives who care for them in very practical, real ways and who they can turn to throughout their lives is an incredible blessing!

  1. Make dinner together

This is quickly becoming another one of my favorite ideas! It is easy to plan, everyone gets a chance to learn something, and conversation flows easily when you are working on something together!

This works well if you know someone who wants to learn to cook and you can teach them or if you find someone who is able to cook better than you. BUT it also works if you just find a good recipe that you want to try. Why not test it out together? I plan to find some good Thai recipes soon and do this! So much more fun when it is done together!

I have a few friends that this has become a regular tradition with. I know when they are coming to dinner, it doesn’t have to be done beforehand. We will work together to make it happen and suddenly all the stress of a new recipe or the inevitable kitchen fails because funny moments we can laugh through. This is both super practical and super fun!

  1. Coffee Date

It literally doesn’t get any easier than this! You can have a friend over for coffee and make a quick dessert (click here to find one of my recent favorites!) or you can meet at a local coffee shop for an even easier alternative! This is the perfect opportunity to reach out with welcome and it takes 1 minute to plan!

  1. Pizza Party

This is another super quick one to plan! You can always make a pizza bar (this is fun but unless you have multiple ovens I don’t suggest it for a large group) OR you can make a few homemade pizzas with generic toppings OR you can order pizza from a local restaurant. Most people love pizza and as long as you confirm allergies beforehand, it doesn’t get any easier than this! To spread out the cost if you are ordering in, you can always ask guests to bring $5.

If you are interested in hosting this but not sure how to put the details together, check out this FREE guide I have recently put together that will help with all the details – 15 Gatherings You Can Plan in 15 Minutes!

  1. Sunday Lunch

It sometimes feels odd after church to break up and leave the church family without a chance to spend time together. This is why we love the idea of a Sunday lunch. Something simple to prepare is a great way to reach out to new people at church or those you don’t get to connect to often. Invite them into your home for a meal and fellowship. For some great ideas on what to serve, check out this post from my friends at The Fishbowl Family.

  1. Game Night

This one takes a little more effort but it really isn’t too hard. It is a perfect activity for those cold winter months when it is easy to get lonely. Check out this post for ALL the details on how to plan a great game night.

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Hospitality in Daily Life

[clickToTweet tweet=”Planning hospitality into your daily life doesn’t need to be stressful or time consuming. My best advice is to look at how you would normally spend your time and include others. # Hospitality #Entertaining #Welcome #Guests” quote=”Planning hospitality into your daily life doesn’t need to be stressful or time consuming. My best advice is to look at how you would normally spend your time and include others.”]

Planning hospitality into your daily life doesn’t need to be stressful or time consuming. My best advice is to look at how you would normally spend your time and include others. Will you be hanging with your kids one morning this week? Ask a friend if she could use some free time while you watch her children. Will you be making dinner for your family? Have someone over to make it with you. Hospitality should be the regular course of our lives. It doesn’t need to be flashy. It should be real.

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For other great ideas on how you can practically practice hospitality this week, check out our FREE guide – 15 Gatherings You Can Plan in 15 Minutes!

What are some of your favorite ways to practice hospitality? Have you been blessed by someone else’s hospitality recently? What was that like? Let me know in the comments below!