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Christ bought our adoption as children in the family of God. That is how He welcomes us.



Why bother with adoption?

“Welcome others as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7

How exactly has Christ welcomed us? Has he smiled and waved from His perfect home never understanding our difficulty? Has He seen us lost and afraid and filthy from sin and turned his eyes away?

Or has He left His throne, stepped into His creation, healed us, restored us, and set us in a family? Has He given Himself so that we could have a home forever? Has He, the rightful heir and Son of God, given everything so that we could be joint-heirs, children of the Most High & those who can enter the throne room boldly because they are speaking with their Father (Hebrews 14:6)?

Christ welcomes us by giving Himself for the glory of God and our good. He welcomes us by laying down His life so that we can live eternally. He welcomes us by taking the wrath of God so that we can sit at His table in perfect communion and peace and feast with our Father.

Christ bought our adoption as children in the family of God. That is how He welcomes us.

So then as we look to Romans 15:7 (for a free printable of this verse, check out this post), how are we to welcome others?

My mind has been a flutter with this question for a very long time.

Welcoming others means taking strangers and making them family. Welcoming others means laying down our conveniences and our very lives for the good of another.

Adoption welcomes others.

Adoption: Behind the Scenes

My husband and I have always talked about adoption. It has been a “somewhere down the road we would love to” type of discussion but nothing concrete. A little over a year ago I began to feel like maybe our time to adopt was coming. This seemed crazy to me because I had a toddler who didn’t sleep at all (he still struggles!) and I was plain exhausted.

But for me, once I get an idea in my head, it’s hard to think of anything else. I am very convinced by my own opinions most of the time and end up making decisions quickly. In most areas my husband is a perfect counter balance to this because he is a slow mover. He likes to think through everything for a long time before he makes a decision. However, sometimes he gives in to me simply because it’s easier – anyone else like that?

When I started to get the adoption bug I knew I never wanted him to look back and question whether or not it was pressure from me that drove us to this decision.  I know there will be plenty of difficult days.

Instead of talking about it, I committed to praying about it. We discussed adoption in the broad sense a few times the way we always have but never specifically. I read a few books that fueled our discussion of the concept some (check out my review here) but otherwise I was quiet. He had no idea what I was praying.

It is the responsibility of every believer to play some role in orphan care (James 1:27) but I asked God to show us whether or not He wanted us to adopt specifically. I poured out my heart and desire for adoption while asking the whole time that the Lord would keep my mouth shut.

I decided that if Bill didn’t say something concrete about adoption then I would take that to mean this was not the time.

Fast forward one year and Bill mentioned that he would like to have a third child. He wanted to adopt.

He was asking my thoughts on it.

I started gushing out the story of my year of waiting and said, “If you are sure, I will start working on it today!”

He was convinced.

Immediately I began to look up different adoption options and educate myself on what we could expect. I spoke with several agencies who had a lot of opinions on what we should do. I spoke with several friends who were honest and genuine and, in love, told me the truth.

We found an agency we love only an hour from our home. We start our home study on Monday and I’m already impressed by the amount of paperwork!


“Adoption Isn’t Charity, It’s War!”

Russell Moore aptly said “Adoption isn’t charity, it’s war!” There is no part of me that feels charitable in this. My mama heart aches for the children God knows are mine. Adoption is an opportunity to welcome another the way Christ has welcomed me.

Adoption is the chance to take a stranger and make them my very own; to make this child an heir and subject of endless love. This is an opportunity to place an unknown sweet child in exactly the same status as my biological children.

I have experienced adoption is the most complete sense. I was brought, by the mercy of God, into His family, clothed in beautiful garments, and seated at His table of feasting. It is my joy to announce my family’s decision to mirror in a small way the beauty of this concept as we begin the home study process.

If you have ever considered adoption, I highly recommend Russell Moore’s Adopted for Life. God used this in my heart to solidify my desire to adopt and give me the words I needed to express my spirit.

Check out this post for an overview of our new series documenting God’s work in adoption, foster, and orphan care ministry all over the world!

Have you adopted? Are you adopted? Have you ever considered adoption? I would love to hear your thoughts!