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adopted for life

For as long as I can remember I have had a longing to adopt… someday. My husband & I have talked about adoption countless times. Recently the conversation started to change & it was such a blessing to hear the language begin to sound close. Perhaps the Lord will add children to our home through adoption, for that I would rejoice just as I have with our two biological children.

With that in mind I just finished Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches & I have been undone. Over & over again I broke into sudden tears as I worked my way through this book – my mind a swirl of what has been done for me & what the Lord is calling me to. Motherly instinct sent me falling to my knees as my heart was reminded again about the plight of orphans worldwide & the truth that true religion in Scripture includes a call to care for orphans (James 1:27).

The God I serve cares deeply about the affairs of orphans. He cares about the needy & helpless. He cares for me.

When I was dead, He brought me to life & gave me a spiritual family. In a very real sense, as Christians we have been adopted into Christ’s family. One day we will sit around His table & enjoy the presence of our Father forever.

That is beautiful. So is this book.

As I think now of the book tears come to my eyes. Moore addresses aptly issues of the Gospel, spirituality, how churches should build an adoption culture, details of addressing financial concerns, the sovereignty of God, racism, as well as the emotional results of adoption (& that’s just the beginning with this book).

Moore’s conviction that “adoption is not charity, it’s war!” drew my heart to fight for what is good & right & pure. God has called all believers to contribute to the ministry of adoption whether through prayer & finances or through opening homes, or encouragement.

Moore asks the question, “What if our churches were known as those who adopt babies & children & teenagers?” What would happen to our Christian witness if that was the case?

I will absolutely come back to this book time & time again. If you have ever considered adoption – read this book! If you know someone considering adoption – read this book! If you are a Christian – read this book! If you are not a Christian – read this book!

Moore addresses many issues within our culture including IVF. I know many children created by God through IVF & love them dearly. I think his approach in this particular area lacked some grace (as the grace side for people who have already gone through with IVF was nonexistent). I sympathize with those experiencing infertility greatly & think that all subjects, especially those of such magnitude should be addressed lovingly & gently. It is no small thing that brings people to the point of considering or going through IVF & we ought to be very careful how & in what context we speak to such issues. Gospel themes run throughout this book so the grace is there – I think you might just have to look closely for it in this particular area.

Overall, this book was an incredible blessing! The entire conversation of adoption has changed for me & I long to reach out with the grace of my Savior to orphans around the world.

Will you pray with me about the plight of orphans worldwide & how God wants to use you in this ministry? Have you read this book? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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