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Messy Grace


Is your speech characterized by both grace & truth? Do you share, unashamedly the truth of God’s Word? Is your sharing so filled with the grace you have received that the hearer recognizes a difference in you?

Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction is an insightful book that is both a personal story & an explanation of deep truth. Written by a pastor who was raised in the LGBT community, it is a radical story about how to properly love people even when we disagree with them.

The truths Caleb presents go far beyond one issue to address a lifestyle of dealing with people the way we have been dealt with by Christ. He shows how hurtful words & actions can be & gives an alternative – love.

Caleb’s journey to Christianity began when he decided he wanted to know more about Christians so he could dismantle their arguments. His only real interactions with “Christians” had been rude, loud, & abrasive. He even had “Christians” shoot water guns filled with urine on the people he marched with in a gay pride parade as a child.

To think of those experiences brings tears to my eyes. We need to change. I need to change. Whether you would ever consider doing something like that or not, you undoubtedly have some areas of your life that lack the beauty of both grace & truth. I know I do.

Throughout this book the reader is prompted to question our own motives and intentions, how our actions will be perceived, & what we can do better in the future. We are left with the profound understanding that all of us, at our core, are sinners in need of a Savior. We are humans – image bearers of God – & ought to be treated as such regardless of our particular sin issues.

I left with many questions in my own heart & a passion to embrace the awkwardness of not knowing how to handle every situation but deciding to move forward in grace & truth – what the author would call “messiness”.

Please consider reading this excellent book. I guarantee it will challenge you in some way if you genuinely look at your own heart.


Have any of you read this book? Other books like it?

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